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We're human


We’re human




I don’t know even where to start…..


I just know that feelings can be pretty hard….


N I know that you get upset, N I heard what you said…


N babe, I hide emotions too, I try to keep from you


N I may not know what you go through, N I know your gonna pull through




You’re not only a hero, you’re a diamond


N babe your unstoppable, got the heart of a lion


N I’m not just saying this, to make you feel better


These are real thoughts that come out through letters


But real talk, let’s get down to business…


Babe I don’t know how it got to this


And I don’t know, why I get so lovey dovey when you come around


But you know, you’re really something, N babe your voice is my favorite sound


N if you think this is how I get the girls, I just write them a poem….


If you saw what I wrote, babe, you would only know…..


That I don’t get like this.




You can see as I keep writing, the words just start to flow


That’s how this expressing through poems always go


And I never completely understand what I’m feeling till I see it on paper


N babe, my emotions are a huge mess, I use this as a translator


N babe I’m not perfect, I want you to know, we’re human




N I say a lot of stupid stuff, and sometimes it doesn’t make sense


N I make a lot of dumb mistakes, that sometimes I get reckless


N I don’t always understand the smallest things


No matter how many times you explain


N now that I opened up to you, I’m probably going to be weary


I’m going to want to act tougher, just for my own security


But baby we human.