#Love #Passion #War #Fear

Begun to lust, The ending of rust

An endless lust of volcanic explosion,

he said he loved me, i wasn't chose,

his mom hated me, i was up to no good,

i fell asleep, and i knew i shouldnt of,


once into my slumber, all hell broke loose,

our relationship ended, i had no proof,

who was the fake, the fraud, and the liar,

what was the chance i knew who prior,


The days went on, the nights got longer,

there goes my almost lover,

he started talking to another girl,

my heart exploded, flying outta this world,


Love became war,

my thoughts of redemption,

left me light headed,

with poems unadressed and...


The final stanza grew to free,

for i met a boy who helped me see,

theres more to life than watching and waiting,

but living with love, and more celebrating.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a new//random poem about old vs. new love. "Old love is always reflected as a battle field"