#love #missed opportunties #pain #breakup #saddness #heartache


far across the distance i can see your eyes wandering around the sky, wondering why what we feel is passing by. there you wait for me still, till you can no longer see the moons facade shining by the suns dreary morn. till the dewey mist takes on the form of a thousand broken thoughts. when i finally arrive we can fish the sky for stars, sit and stare, and wonder what its all for. in our minds we can go off into space, floating entangled as one in a humble embrace. as we retrieve glowing wishes from their stationary dwelling, a million more are born from our thoughts alone. shrinking each one i catch i put it over your head capturing each thought before its replaced. turning to you i whisper sweet silences, filling your head with echoing wavelengths of foreign melodies that resonate throughout your mind until theyre subconsious anthems. the stars born now are the brightest yet, lighting the path home each one glints a curious pain. not wanting this to end we rise from the ground. with gravity as our guide we float through space, together we search the ends till the other is found.

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