Love lust sad

At it again ? Old lovers and current friends (after mixed feelings)

My knees start to weak
But I am no longer Afaid
My heart poisoned
Like a roach sprayed with raid
Words have not spoken
But there's feelings in the air
Nd who knows if it's mutual
Cause in your face a blank stare
You have the sweetest laugh
And the most softest touch
When your silent it's so cute to me
But you words, they mean so much
Past lovers and current friends
What is planned for our journey
When does it end
My heart is now open
And so is my soul
I need you to do the same
And our halts will be whole
As a man I am a provider
And provide for you will
All I need in return is your
Love and real
And like a beautiful flower
Our relationship will bloom
In love so deep
Now my heart has no room
There's no room for mistake
And there's no spot for pain
Love me with all you have
Anne in return I'll do the same
We've Beene here before
Maybe a time or two
I got my heart crush by the only person
I've ever loved......YOU !

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hope you enjoyed my drama lol :) comment and give feedback please..

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