Loving Me

You said loving me would break your principality

Like your life was a test and needed some formality.

You just like me.

Did you forget your own reality?

So stop trying to change me

And quit being mad at me.

Who am I supposed to be for you to be happy?

Whenever I fail

You make me feel crappy.

Well I'm tired of being unhappy.

You need to leave.

Maybe you were the anchor

That didn't allow me to succeed.


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I'm Inlove

I often sit by myself and look into the skies

Smile shyly as I reminisce about your eyes.

If it's foolish to love you

I won't be wise

But I guess it's those eyes that will bring me to my demise.

You're like gravity

Holding me to the floor

Like a love drug

And I want some more.

It's like a sickness

But I don't want the cure.

I swear

You're exactly what I've been searching for.

Life's fast

With no hold on time

Cause 24/7 you're on my mind.

If they could measure all the sand

That's on the earth

They still couldn't measure 

What you're worth.

Im inlove.

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I Want To Know


2:50 a.m., 

I'm still waiting for your reply

One simple message, 

I just want to know if your fine


I want to know if it's still cold out there

I want to watch your face filled with flakes there

Hear your voice that sounds so sweet

Asking me if I cried a tear


I know we've been over for 4 months

At the back of my head, it's not

I said I could forget you at once

Inside my foolish heart, it's hard


I wasted the time we spent

I burned the chance given

So, I cry and break down

On this hard and cold ground


But you're million miles away

Now, it's gone harder each day

I wish you took me with you

Where the Pope used to live too


I want to know how you are

If I'm the one in your heart

I like to know if you're alright

If we can get back one more time

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Love and Manipulation

Love has the ability to be a powerful weapon through means of manipulation from clever articulation of the tongue.

This weapon is aimed most high at those who are young.

When wrapped around in clouds

Eyes are so blinded by the mist that they cannot see their hands that are bound

And the dictator telling them who they supposed to be.

I love you. You love me. Right?

So far taken by the moonlight,

And robbed of their trust

From the common thief at night.

Guard your soul

From people who disrespect you as a whole.

As soon as you pour your heart out

They tip the bowl.

Realise for you that they have no empathy

So stop finding ways to gain their sympathy.

Giving them what they want

And showing your desperation

Is giving them the power to use their manipulation.

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The Valentine


Have you ever had a dream? Not any ordinary dream, but a dream whilst you are wide awake. Your eyes are open yet staring at nothing. Before you is an endless expanse but, this is not a landscape nor is it something you can reach out and touch, it is time, stretching forever into the distance. The further you follow this path, the more you realise you will never truly reach the end. I’ve had this dream, and within it there are moments, fragments of time, and images of the simplest yet most complex emotions within me that I have yet to understand. I see an outline in this dream, one that I have yet been able to define. All I know is that its shape is something so beautiful that one can’t help but believe there is a God and if all of us were mistakes leading up to this, the creation that stands before me; it’s no wonder it took him so many tries.


Yet this dream is not one still moment, but several, various events that unfold before my very eyes. I see myself walking hand in hand with this perfect creature, past streams, through jungles, even climbing to the tops of the tallest mountains, yet even as I sit with her and watch as one by one each piece of a pyramid is stacked upon another. There is no sense of time, no feeling of opportunities passing by, no longing or need to be somewhere or do something. With this creature, if she had been Eve and I Adam, I would never feel lonely, the two of us, she and I, would be enough to fill this world, yet who is she? Where is she?


This is the question I’ve spent the majority of my conscious life asking. Other people spend their life searching for answers to questions such as, “why am I here, who made me?” Not me, I’ve never question that, because the reason I am here is for her and she for I. It is for us to meet, even for a moment, even for one instant in time. In this second I will understand what I have been chasing, why I have been trying so hard. She is my future, my studies, I do for her, my job, I work for her.


If I had to choose between saving the lives of billions or saving her life, even if to do so, she had to be without me; I would watch the world burn. For without her, I have no reason to be.


Right now at this very moment, I understand that these are possibly the most important words I have and will ever say in my life, yet as anomalous or out of character as they may seem, they speak straight from my soul. Never before have I written a letter like this, and I believe I never will again, so you will have to forgive me for its length and the way it exposes, so effectively, the core of my being.


I just want you to know one, most important thing, I sincerely believe, you are the girl of my dreams.

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This Isn't Love


I'm flying through the air like a kite

Being with you always makes me high

Bringing on all that we have

But I know this isn't love


It's like breathing a fresh air

Smile at me and I will pale

Walk with me, I'll always smile

Serious talk, I'm always shy


What we have now is good

Better than I ever had

Now you're here, I'm never sad

Sometimes, I wish it's true


I can tell this isn't love

What's going on between us

But let's enjoy while it lasts

If it's true then take the chance

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Grieving, cloudy sky, 

Daphne seeks me on such nights, 

Unseen tears burst forth... 


It drizzles heavily, 

While I am like Orpheus*, 

Seeking Eurydice*. 


True love does not die, 

So there will be a soul-waltz, 

In an unseen 'hall'. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 


Yet another poem about my beloved, unforgettable Daphne and our undying love. 

*ORPHEUS & EURYDICE: Greek characters of a beautiful yet sad love story made even more 

famous by the Bard -- William Shakespeare 


-- in his plays. 

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The Sun is Different Here

 The sun is different here,

 Because of you,

 Who makes me proud, my dear,

 By God, this is true.  


Craving for your touch, the air sets in motion,

 When it senses thy presence,

 I, in the vein of Iago, get a bit green,

 You know, I can’t endure and get pretty tense.


You are only mine; I’ll even slap death,

 If it dares to take you away, my breath.





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Atomic Anticipation

She texts me

anticipation builds

start clearing my desk

still time to kill.


Five O'clock finally comes

off dashing to my car

heart beating like 100 drums

this traffic stretched out so far.


Red light, yellow and green

driving towards road and sky

seeking seductive eyes serene

a stop sign comes in my way.


I stop to buy her flowers

so deserved is she

bringing purpose to empty hours

with her spellbinding sorcery.


Finally she is in doorway standing

our eyes glance and meet

she hugs and kisses me

an atom bomb goes off under my feet..


Author's Notes/Comments: 

lover desire.

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