The Sun is Different Here

 The sun is different here,

 Because of you,

 Who makes me proud, my dear,

 By God, this is true.  


Craving for your touch, the air sets in motion,

 When it senses thy presence,

 I, in the vein of Iago, get a bit green,

 You know, I can’t endure and get pretty tense.


You are only mine; I’ll even slap death,

 If it dares to take you away, my breath.





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Atomic Anticipation

She texts me

anticipation builds

start clearing my desk

still time to kill.


Five O'clock finally comes

off dashing to my car

heart beating like 100 drums

this traffic stretched out so far.


Red light, yellow and green

driving towards road and sky

seeking seductive eyes serene

a stop sign comes in my way.


I stop to buy her flowers

so deserved is she

bringing purpose to empty hours

with her spellbinding sorcery.


Finally she is in doorway standing

our eyes glance and meet

she hugs and kisses me

an atom bomb goes off under my feet..


Author's Notes/Comments: 

lover desire.

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I Failed to love you

Would you believe me if i told you that i failed to love you

I decided to describe my love for you using just one word
and i found every romantic word in every language used at least one
letter from your name

I swear on my heart which failed to convince myself that you wouldn't
love a poet
like me who can't write about his love for you in a meaningful poem

but it is strange to find out that many poems have been written by many poets
describing in great depths the same beauty in other women which i find in you.

I have to admit that i failed to take you over to the second paradise where
my dreams turn into reality because i kept seeing you as a nightmare

When i wake up i loose my motivation to get closer to you and ask you out
Since showing you my paintings my brush has failed to draw a woman

I wanted to draw you so i wouldn't forget you in my soul but
even though i couldn't draw you i remembered your hands waving at me

but were you waving me to come closer and to feel the love you had
hidden away from me or were you
waving farewell and ending our friendship

I went to your performance to hear your voice and i was enamored but i
never understood why I felt this sadness and misery in your songs that

no one else seemed to feel

I failed to love you but i haven't given up trying even if it will
take time i believe one day we will be together

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Love bears no silhouette,

Neither is it reachable,

Can only be felt from the heart’s heart,

Thus, trying to define it is feeble.


Intensely wrong are those,

Exercising power to earn,

Love by forcing the literal ‘rose’,

Being ignorant of what they should learn.


Love is certainly not ‘L’oss ‘O’f ‘V’aluable ‘E’nergy,

Let’s view it from the standpoint of liturgy.





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I Love You

I love you for the way you are,

Please don’t ever change,

I just want to hold your hands,

Can’t tolerate when you are afar.


I am not a pessimist like Conrad,

Yet my eyes feel like dying,

When they miss your beauty,

Which is akin to a naive bud.


I love you because you ‘are’ my breath,

Parting is impossible, I’d rather embrace death.




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LIKE THIS By Morrisjimmyz

Author's Notes/Comments: 

appletreelawncare.webs.com > morrisjimmyz@hotmail.com

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Cool But Cruel


You laughed whenever I cracked a joke

Never wanted to see me alone

You walked with me every night

I always thought they were signs


You listened to my favorite songs

Wanted you to be my companion

I admired everything you'd do

I always thought you were so cool


But now everything changed

As fast as the day breaks

Your words become sour

Your mouth is now foul


You don't walk with me anymore

Don't know who you are anymore

I tried talking to you

But the true you is cruel


I really thought you were the one

But you changed into this someone

Someone I don't know

A man I'd hate most

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"COOL BUT CRUEL" is about someone I always thought was the best but turned out to be one of the worst persons I had ever known.

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I know it's been too long ago

I won't remember how it felt

Filling my head fast are echoes

Then scenes remind me how I fell


We are here in the middle of the road

We don't care if cars pass us by and go

I'm  with my friends and you're all alone

Your gaze then tells me things I don't know


After a lot of smiles and luck,

God knows you caught me real undone

All my walls fell unguarded

One long shot and I dropped dead


I see us again in a large hall

Agreeing on a thing we kept secret

After my class we go for a walk

Fighting over a text message you sent


It had been always like that

But tonight I keep my hopes so high

I pray everything will be alright

Still I see me go home sad


The last night went very awful

You walked me home with no closure

The next day I felt I was sued

Watched all of it plunge with no cure


They were just like yesterday

I recall the accounts all too well

Even your sweet, devious smile and scent

I see all of them today

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about things I experienced 3 years ago but they were all "UNFORGOTTEN"

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I'm down ten feet below

Drowning in just one blow

Feels like I have been cut

Fooled myself just too much


I scratch  thoughts I always knew

So I'm all alone so soon

I think life is like that

Knowing this makes me sad


Here I was again giving all I had

Sometimes I knew I was trying so hard

Diverting all the attention

Until I'd go to detention


God, I always end up alone

Nothing's glaring at my phone

I tried a million times

They never turned out nice


As hopeful as I could get

So, I am lonesome in my bed

Crumbled like a paper mess

So much for being honest


I don't want to wake alone again

I hope and pray all will turn out well

That God will answer the prayers sent

I still wonder wherever they went

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was what I thought about when I was in my room "ALONE"

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