human beings

What is truth?

It is timelessness.

Infinity. And yet, it is that which is always new,

Constantly creating, changing,

Experienced in quiet and solitude.



And with all of its anticipated fear,

Mystique, and intrepidation, 

We seek it....endlessly.

And when we think,

The truth no longer exists in our experience.


What is a mystery?

A mystery is the unknown.

The innocence of a child's mind is open to mystery, and creation,

And what is known, creates the death of a mystery.


What is LOVE?

LOVE ... is the most powerful entity in the universe.

It is presently undefined in a way all human beings agree upon.

No science can define it.


Ahhh...but we all "speak" of love. We tell our children we "love" them,

We tell our families we "love" them...

our friends, sometimes even our co-workers,

and even sometimes those we do not even know, or have never even met.

We sign cards and gifts with fancy closing statements signed:

"Love, Me".


We're eager to talk about the latest gossip column,

Judge and ruthlessly criticize the "love" of another,

Labeling it as "worthy" or "unworthy".

And yet, when all the outer layers are peeled away from this word,

This "entity of energy" that has moved mountains,

And summoned armies that have slaughtered millions of innocents,

We really do not understand it.

We do not know what it is!

We only know what the minds of history past have said it is.

Words. Words written.

We have yet to define it in such a way that we all agree upon,

And strangely, in some magickal way, 

Many of of us seem to know what it is on a level that is untouched in a tangible way.


What it is, is a mystery. 

LIFE and LOVE are mysteries, and perhaps, 

Even one and the same.


But we...scurry along through our hurried and cluttered lives,

Mindlessly injecting our man-made answers into love,

And so for many, it is no longer a mystery.

It has become a tightly closed capsule of 

"He said, she said, History".


And the species lives on,

With eyes that do not see,

Ears, that do not hear,

And voices that speak of a "love" and a "truth",

They can only claim unto themselves is "known",

Rather than face the TRUTH of the mystery 

Within us all.


And to me,

Strange and delusional as it may sound to some,

To me...it all sounds like "God" is talking.


Kindness is no mystery.

It is like a seed planted to grow a tree full of LOVE,

And when I leave this earthly experience,

Perhaps the small seeds I plant

Will grow into trees that bear the fruit for others

With faith --

Not in histories,

But in beautiful mysteries.




This poem written in dedication to the late great Maya Angelou, who often wrote of life, and love.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for spoken word in #periscopeartchallenge on September 10th, 2015. The theme was "mystery".

I guess sometimes love just dies

Have I killed it? When I struggled for so long to grasp it, had it for so brief a time that I barely can name it now--was it my lack that sunk it into nothing? And now it comes to friends again, though you had been the one chasing me when I told you that you would make me love you and then leave me there heartbroken. What about me or us makes less seem more? Why would you want to go back to the vagueness of 'just friends' after having the vibrancy of what we can be? It's that pain of soured things that haunts me now. It comes in how I know we should work so well and yet we haven't. In how you understand me but are so wrong when you think I want to change you. A year ago I laughed at those who lost love and said it was the worst in the world, because in all the hurts and pain how could that be the greatest? I understand now that that knife of knowing you inspired something in someone and then lost it makes the sun seem dull and your life like slavery. For all that I want, I cannot make those feelings return in you, though you have made me crave them. I cannot even make you explain. Instead you hide behind your 'I don't know's and make me feel worse in knowing im not worth enough to warrant an explanation. We talk now, trying to bring it back, and its all one sided and shallow. You say it won't work and what's the point. I know you're wrong, I know it! But I can't make you know it as I do. Perhaps what was there is just gone. Perhaps it has been gone a while, and no one heard the echo in the empty spaces until now. I guess sometimes love just dies.

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I think I like the way you talk
When you’re deep in conversation
I think I like the way you walk
Just behind because you like the view

I think your grace and poise
Hypnotizes me, baby
I think I’m all about you
I think you’re all about me, maybe

Forgive my trespasses
For I am falling in this endless
World of moving lips, silently
So come on and bless this

Undress this word play
I’ll make it worth your time
Waiting in the car, in the dark
Let’s commit another crime

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I don't know how to make you proud but to be myself.

All the other things around.
Distractions keeping me from you.
Seconds minutes dripping 
Time goes by and Im thinking am I in 
But rather be Oscillated out
Left right back in again 
Clocks just a ticking 
The life we could of had 
The vows, The good the bad 
Everything you gave up
Now where are you 
Better off I am sometimes
Just like that 
YOU but that
Magnet keeps pulling 
Forever till we're dead 
And still I am right here
Tattooed fine female calling me with her eyes 
And I claim her
Like she lock keys tight on a key ring clearing everything keeping trinkets 
Forever goodbye 
And she I see look at her.
Like a loom she weaves everything.
Turns me into a doom drooling.
I keep looking.
All she want is for a man to tell her the truth.
how fine she is;
how perfect;
How every time shes alone;
I'll be there.
On the couch with my arms wrapped around you.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lot of this is rough. I wrote this in about 5 hours working on it 3 or 4 different times. Could probably use some work but I think it gets the point across 

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All Night


A swipe of her lipstick

is all that I need

when the lights dim


A flash of her finger

is all that I need

to keep me singing


I stop suddenly

a shiver runs through me

smoke in my veins

chokes me


She keeps me up all night

I don’t know if this is right

She keeps me up all night

I feel a fire burn, ignite



away from the smoke inside me


away from the fear that can’t find me


so much with her it hurts

And even now

the fire inside me still burns


She keeps me up all night

I don’t know if this is right

She keeps me up all night

I feel a fire burn, ignite


I’m on a wheel that keeps on turning

And it turns and it turns

Till I don’t know where I am

And it turns and it turns

Till I don’t know who I am anymore


In the dark

the flash glows brighter

the moon glints off

the twilight snow


In the dark

she’s flying higher

above the clouds

until I can’t see her


She lights a fire

under my feet

she walks away

without dousing it


But she can’t help it

she doesn’t know

the fire that burns

my breath starts and slows


She keeps me up all night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/17/15

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For My Someone Special

If only you can hear me
I'd let you know how much I care
Believe me I want you to know
I've realized there’s no one else I rather be
I'll be happy and complete to be with you
 Every night I have been dreaming
About the time we spent together
The memories I’ll be keeping
I wish it’s not just a dream
And I hope I can find a place into your heart
 I don’t have the courage and will
To say the three magical words
But I can feel what’s inside of me is real
I know I’ll have the chance to prove and say
Three simple words, I’ll be longing to say.
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Secret Love

Hidden in a room,

Out of view.

I can only imagine,

The magic things we'll do


I was just sitting there for a while,

You walk in beauty,

 like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that’s best of dark and bright.


I know that we have been friends,

But is it wrong that I want it to be more?

But I can't help how you have made me feel.

I think I’m totally falling for you,and that's all I got to say.


I remember the time, I remember the day,

I had no idea what I was going to say.

Something in the way you smiled,

You made my knees weak.


Whenever our eyes meet,

Like a wild drum, my heart started to beat rapidly.

Whenever I see you staring at me,

My head spins, just a little quicker.


If you ever looked my way,

I hid my face in shyness.

While giggling softly like a preteen,

Smiling from cheek to cheek.


Deep in my dreams you hold me so near

But in real life, it's all much too clear.

You are just a person hardly knowing any clue.

Not knowing of the love that awaits your claim.


I remember getting lost while staring into your eyes;

I must have made about a million of sighs.

I know, I might not seem your type.

But, can't you give it a try?


Don't judge me for what I'm saying.

I've tried not feeling this way

I don't know how it happened.

But I do hope I can stay at your side.


I write you a poem of the feelings I hide.

All these poems are representing you.

I wonder if you have a clue,

How I really feel for you.


So keep my heart,

Until you have an answer.

Take your time, do not rush,

I’ll be waiting.

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Last Goodbye

 I remember the day so long ago.

The first time you caught my eye.

I remember the day some time ago.

I fell in love with you.


I remember the day short time ago.

I wished I could be with you and you cared.

That I wish my heart was strong.

But it’s the most fragile thing.


With all these things I wished.

As I softly close my eyes.

I see my love.

And I see your lies.


So many days, months, and years have passed.                

Full of memories never have both of us.

Why it is easier to walk away from the story of a friendship.

Than a love story that offers a happy and sad ending.


You were my first love.

I wanted us to be friends.

But you’re too cold to speak and too warm to look.

You keep your distance from me.


How can I ever say goodbye to you?

We never really said hello.

How can there ever be a formal ending?

We never had a real beginning.


I wanted to tell you that I’m thankful even it hurts.

I never had regret in loving you and I’m grateful.

‘Coz you taught me how to love and be hurt.

I wish you’re happy and you have the love that you deserve. 


I hope one day in the near future.

No walls blocking us.

We can reduce the whole past.

And finally we can be best of friends.

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First Love

The first time I saw you,

My world go round.

Because of your existence,

My life turns into a hunting ground.


But the moment you left,

My heaven turns to torment.

Now, without of your extant,

I’ll be better like flat.


I feel like I’m an equation,

That can never be likened.

Neither be factored nor expand,

Because of my numbers can’t be found.


You’re like a seraph,

That lives in my reverie.

To neither be caress nor perceive.

All I can do is to stir in my fantasy.


I know you can’t ever be with me,

And maybe I’ll be seemed like a fool.

But I’ll still ardor you,

‘Coz you’re my bliss and my vitality.

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