Who Am I?

Who am I? I no longer know.

I feel as though I am lost in the snow.

Everything around me is all the same.

All I know for sure, is my name.

But who am I? Just a name?

For surely, everyone has the same.

My name isn't unique, special or strange

Maybe it's time for my name to change.

But would that fix it?

Would anything alter?

Or would I continue to stumble, stagger, falter?

At one time, I was unique

I wasn't a Borg Drone.

But I let myself be assimilated

Identity lost to the world.

Now, free from the collective

Yet no longer at peace

The endless voices simply do not cease

I still hear them, telling me what to do

But no longer controlled by them 

I want to return fresh and new.

But I don't know how or what to do.

I wander around like a Wandering Star 

Asking myself, "Do you know who you are?"

Simply put, no I don't.

I can't like whom I don't know.

So I continue, lost in the snow.

Who am I?













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I miss

I miss the stains on my hands.

Before I realized, the sun became the moon,

Time would run right by,

So fast that I can barely see.


Am I me?

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A stranger passed by

The same thing.The same chance 

She met me . I felt hard

She blushed me. I needed start

I thaught her. She used me

She held me. I broke free

Again The same thing . The same chance

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The Fickle Wind of Thought

All and nothing


Every ‘where’ became no ‘where’,


When my compass fell overboard.


Staring into the stationary salt water,


I troubled all time of sense.


Finishing then,


All prevailing dreams died.

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I Don't Know How It Goes

I Don't Know How It Goes



What do I write about?
The story of my life!
I don't know how it goes, do you?
It's a matter of question to you and me to ponder on.
This side of eternity once given is true........or false in ones perception of it all.
Do you remember or is it I've forgotten in all this distraction freely given, to what ends I do not know.
Make believe is what it is I think. It's here in one moment and gone in the next.
How could it be anything other than
Games, we all play them, in hopes to gain some more of it.
Of, 'it'!, whats 'it'?
Life I said. Don't you remember?
or have you forgotten what it is, what it's all about.
I'll tell you what, lets make believe that I am you, and you are me.
Okay now, tell me about your life.
I don't know how it goes, I've forgotten you.
             Copyright 2018 by RW Erskine

This Ghost

This ghost knows my name
And he whispers it in my hallways
The pictures coming off the wall
I’m sliding sideways

Faces on the hospital ceiling
Spinning round and round
I count the rings around my wrists
I count the days, I can’t be found

My eyes are ablaze, does he see?
The endless circles in my mind
Maybe I’m the ghost inside my halls
Maybe I’m lost, not so easy to find

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