This is about Sue who was torn between two. One was True, the other was her boo which she never knew would stick to her like glue.


Although she was naturally adorned the day she was born but hadn't been forewarned that her boo would become a thorn.


Even though True was giving her an excellent point of view of how to successfully do her do but she was listening to folklore and with her boo she wanted to explore, thinking True was a bit of a bore so she closed that door and was soon to become an eyesore.


Now she never really grew because of the stronghold of her boo and it all started when she was two. Her boo came on very subtle, made her feel she wanted to cuddle while giving True a full rebuttal.


Thinking her life would be superb so she kicked True to the curb and her life became disturbed. Because her boo would boast about the host with the most, so she thought she wanted to coast with Casper the Unfriendly Ghost.


She was all the time broke, she even had a stroke, while watching her dreams go up in smoke, that coke was no joke. She was being used and abused, confused and bruised, she stood accused.


Living by the laws od the street's, a world of delusion, deceit she could no longer compete and things only started to change when she admitted total defeat.

Now you can mumble, you can grumble but things will only turn around when you're humbled.


Then came a breakthrough when she took the hand of True, her life became anew she had to bid her boo adieu. Although it wasn't easy because her boo was sleazy and slick full of tricks. While True wanted to take her far her boo wanted to keep her a rock star, she waa in a tug of war.


But True kept her near, took away the fear and wiped away the tears, even gave her a change of atmosphere. She went from lewd, rude to having a new attitude and that was a prelude to a life renewed..


You see, boo is a world of darkness which will make you stumble in the night. True is The Word which will make you take flight in The Light. Taking away the turmoil, the stress and the strife, for He's The Way, The Truth and The Life.


It's all up to you, to thy self be true or keep going through deja vu. When you're Torn Between Two.

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