#longing #yearning #fallinginlove

Space And Time, Making Love

How does one traverse the distance,

Between two hearts separated by love?


How can one pass the infinite expanse

Of time created by their loneliness


Will their longing and heartache

Explode Like a supernova


Creating a vortex

That sends them both spiraling

Into an abyssal plutonic existence


Or will their passion and desire

Be strong enough to bend and warp the continuum


Bringing the far ends of the universe 

In upon its self


Allowing their love to join once again 

Creating a intergalactic paradox

Of celestial oneness. 



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Drowning in Mist.

In the universe a great big hole holds you,
so you can't fall - not while I'm alive,
I won't let you leave,
stay with me, breathe and receive.

Me and you we'll rule our world,
we don't need ruby's, diamonds or pearls,
just together, our spirit swirled and twirled,
our bodies intertwined,
spiritually in the exact same mind.

I will give you a golden kiss,
on the day I meet you,
it will go like this -,
breathing in the silence and energies pure bliss,
you will not resist,
but then to be awaken by a french kiss,
waking up and remembering, things should not be like this,
it should exsist, facing the fact I'm starting to drown in mist.

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