We’ve all heard stories of those who climb to distant mountain tops

searching for their sages

hoping to find enlightenment and the wisdom of the ages


In our homes…our shops…our libraries…many a shelf is rife

with books on how to find peace and happiness…as well as the meaning of life.


But what if the meaning of life…of enlightenment or spiritual rebirth

does not lie with the sages or between the pages?

What if the answers are already embedded in the Earth?


The Earth has been around for billions of years

She’s seen many a sunset…many a dawn…

She was here long before we were born…and she’ll be here long after we are gone…


The Earth with nature have their secrets…it is part of their appeal

Secrets they put on display and are happily to reveal…


They teach us how to feel things we cannot see as we stand amidst a breeze

They teach us about sharing…how there’s no jealousy between the trees.


They teach us about freedom as we see birds soaring with open wings

Their rains teaches us to give back and their insects…to enjoy the little things.


Their mountains teach us patience we learn of surprises from their weather

We learn about change from their moon and their butterfly 

while their egrets and water buffaloes teach us how to work together.


We learn of beauty from their flowers…from their sun a morning greeting

They teach encouragement from their stars and from their clouds…how life is fleeting.


From everything below us…to everything above…

they teach us about balance…about generosity and love….


No, we don’t need to search for sages or between the pages of a book…

Nature has the answers…all we need to do…is look….


For billions of years she’s been trying to reveal her secrets. 

They’re around every bend and every turn.

For billions of years she’s been trying to teach us…

all we need is the willingness to learn.

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