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Am I Smart

Am I smart?

What is smart?

Reading in your free time?

Solving equations?

Understanding things before someone else?

So am I smart?

But what is smart?

Getting A’s on every paper and test?

Raising your hand?

Turning in your test first?

So am I really smart?

What does smart mean?

Wearing glasses?

Being a nerd or dork?

Getting your homework done faster than the person next to you?

Am I smart?

People say it “Wow you’re way smarter than me.”

That’s what they say,

But am I really?

How am I to know?

I want to be smart.

I take AP and honors classes.

So does that make me smart?

What about the “smart” kids that do drugs?

What about the kids in “regular” classes that choose to walk away?

To be smart,

Is that to do all these things?

So, then why do people say I’m smart?

I get B’s and C’s and D’s and yes F’s.

I don’t wear glasses or raise my hand every time or get my homework done first.

So how can I be smart?

I do sports.

I play games.

I get answers wrong ALL the time.

I don’t study.

So smart kids are looked upon every time.

But what about the kids that spend time being just happy.

The kids that care about how they spend their time to be happy.

The kids that may act “dumb.”

Does that mean they’re not smart?

Who’s smart?

The kid who gets an A on a test?

Or the kid who does what makes them happy?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lot of people used to say I was this really smart person and people often relied on me. I was expected to finish first and get A's and succeed more than my neighbor. There are a lot of people who just don't understand that just because you get good grades in classes or know a few answers, you aren't a genius. I can't always be counted on academically, but I can in other ways. I am smart. But in different ways. 

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