Lost Love Ones

I've lost love ones and it broke my heart, so I asked, Lord, why did we have to part.

As I started to sigh with tears in my eyes I looked to the sky and heard a voice inside.

Wipe the tears from your face, they no longer have pain or worry, they are in a much

better place. They sacrificed, they did what right and now they are in paradise. Because,

in order to live this life right or the life above, what's most important to have, is love. 


Now, if you live your life right, although it's hard, but if you don't give up there's a beutiful

and just reward. For your life is made up of many seasons and it's all for a purpose, a Divine

reason. So live your life right, don't fret and have no regrets and one day there faces you will 

again see because you will also be here with Me and the whole Heavenly Family.               

By MilMan

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by reading other poems about lost love ones

and this poem came to me to write for people who have lost love ones

Hope it lifts you up.

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