important moments

12 minutes

What am I doing right now?
Am I lieing to myself
about the who why and how?
Whilst putting responsibility on the shelf?

In these 12 minutes till tomorrow
What have I done today?
and what can I give or borrow
before it all falls away?

It's in the past says the monkey
but it's in the present that we make a choice
So how can I make myself see
in the moment and raise my voice

8 minutes left to be squandered
or used in the best possible way.
I frequently go off and wonder
if I could have done better with my day.

I'm done now.
The last 7 minutes will all be in the past soon.
I'm done now.
Maybe in the future I'll think this me is a loon.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this with 12 minutes left till the midnight of Easter morning. I don't feel like I've put the time and effort into making this week worth it. There's nothing I can change now, except to change myself right now. I wonder if anyone else feels this way. The longing to go back in time just a couple hours and say GET OFF THE COUCH AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY! I'm not particularly lazy, but I could do better. Apparently much, much better. And if anyone will take the time to read this, it is now 3 minutes till Easter. Goodnight. I'm about to start making a better next week right now, instead of worrying about this last week. Thank-you!