Ignorance can be dangerous…

for it is not a mystery

how ignorance can lead to fear…

then prejudice…

and bigotry.


and it is our prejudice and bigotry 

that will lead to our downfall

which makes me wonder 

if ignorance…


is not the worst evil of all.

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Many of you are afraid

to explore the darkness


But that is exactly where

you are


right in the clunches

of ignorance


Doing exactly what you are told

to do


Bowing your head

to all that is said


Like moths you blindly

follow the light and are killed

by it



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Listen to your npr and eat that shit right up.

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Translucent Privilege.

My translucent privilege outshines my inner demons and to many, that was enough to define me.

Façades are carefully constructed to relieve the world and ourselves from the overwhelming pretentious pity and criticisms.

Although, the temporary relief subtly forms mazes that make it impossible for us to find our true selves.

Whenever I talked about myself, it always felt as if I was carving a new memory.

A memory best suited for the people to hear.

I forgot what my memories were originally.

The unfiltered, raw, and not satisfying enough for others to hear version.

I miss that.

An oil spill of predisposed negative thoughts are embedded within the back of my mind,

I refuse to succumb to such nature.

But, they persistently try to congeal together into something bigger than myself.

I am not scared of the world, but I am scared of the Oil War that only consists of me,

alone at the frontlines.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please read, comment, and enjoy! Thank you! :)

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