I wish

I Wish I Could…!

I wish I could tell you,

How much love I have for you,

I wish I could hug you for eternity,

O my timeless beauty!  


I wish I could hold your snowy hand,

And enter the dreamy land,

Where none will us find,

Leaving all the known faces behind.


I wish I could marry you,

O my lovely angel! My morning dew!

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i wish

seing so many pretty faces
on the big screen/
makes me wanna scream/
i bet life must be easy/
whenever everybody bows down/
to your every move/
like a king/
must be great/
having everything
that you ask for in life/
most dream
of walking in your shoes/
living like you do/
if only for a day or 2/
i wish things we not this way
i wish i could fly away/
i wish we were all treated the same/
i wish to live as  you/ 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is my 2nd post hope you enjoy. feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think about it? thanks and have a blessed day.Cool

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I am sick of waiting on a call that will never come
Praying it will end the way it begun
I hate the feeling, twisted and deranged
Not excepting the fact; you will never change
I mistakingly missed my exit cue
Somehow forever obsessed with me and you
Unclear in many subtle ways
the relationship we had, forever a daze
Things will never be the way they should
Forget you...I only wish I could

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