i saw

Tonight When I Saw You


It's been a terrible week

It feels like I'm about to sink

Last week's bright sky darkened again

Just when I thought I reached heaven


Tonight when I saw you

I only saw trouble in your eyes

When I walked towards you

Like I always had, I didn't smile 


Yes, I remember the past

How you treated me like dust

The heart can never be taught

You were in my every thought


Maybe that was the reason why

I frowned and rolled my eyes tonight

'Cause you never answered my apologies

You never even said any word to me


That is why when I saw you,

When your friend greeted me

And you both smiled at me 

I never knew what to do


Time stopped at that very moment

Questions took over me

Time might have put a better end

To this bitter story


Maybe this is all in my head

Or I just misinterpreted

Maybe you weren't smiling at me

Or I'm now just tired of fighting


Maybe this is a fresh start

Maybe that was a best part

Maybe we would be old, good friends again

Maybe our story would begin again