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They think they’re deep.

They think they’re enlightened 

and they’re gonna save the world.


They posture and preach;

lay out all the rules 

that everyone else should follow.


They want to save the world

through all the sacrifices 

they tell everyone else to make.


But they don’t turn off

the water fountain at their own estate

during the drought

or reduce their own carbon footprint.


They charge a king’s ransom

to catch their performance.

Only the elite can afford it.


They want to help the poor 

but damn sure don’t want

to be in the same room as them—

unless they’re being handed a drink.


They’re holier than thou

but somehow the rules

don’t apply to them.


They think they’re glorious and deep

but get to know them

and you’ll find

you’re wading in shallow water.