hell at my place


Hell, I say but now it’s not even a strong enough word! Cause that’s all I get!  Guess what today I said my opinion and now my mom won’t even talk to me or look at me! It’s lovely just so very lovely. I mean am I not allowed to say how I feel? Cause if that’s so then oh honey I’m gonna have more issues then I already do! And I have a lot of issues as is I don’t need you to add more you’ve already added a lot! So please just stop while your ahead! Damn you make my life hell when I’m away from you I’m so damn great but then I come back to you! And then its hell again! There its goes again you may wonder what it’s my hell which is okay that’s like my life. I wonder what it would feel like to be loved? Not just ignored if I have a fuckin different opinion then the bitch does! I wish I could just ignore all the fuckin shit you say to me, but guess what I’m not that talented. So yeah! One day I probably will be from all the shit you put me through! Sorry if that’s to truthful!


                                Oh, I’m sorry bitch did I just explain what you do a little to honestly! Bitch guess what no one idols you, you’re not this great person. For a lot, you just cause them more hell! So, bitch don’t call me names behind my back! Or in front me! No wonder I have such a low self of stem! Also, if you start being nicer and listen not just be ready to have a comeback but actually listen then just then I might feel like I can tell you stuff! But I know you’ll never change! Which makes it so I can’t! Also, you make all these rules on who I can talk to but you just make them cause the person says stuff about you that is a little to true for your taste buds! Bitch leave me the fuck alone so I can be happy! Please please I beg you! Please stop making all these fuckin rules because I get tired of them really fast just like everyone else! Even that person who you want to marry just so you get more money!

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