Hey There, Stranger


I was one hour too late,

I walked in to the jeep

Then an angel surfaced

Tongue-tied, I couldn't speak


Your skin, it was whiter than me

Oh, crafted perfectly

Your hair, you dyed it brown like me

So bright and glistening


Your teeth lit up when you smiled

Oh, how I wish you were mine

And kiss those tempting lips

You made me lose my speech


I couldn't help myself

Look at your perfect self

I didn't know what I felt

With your gaze, you made me melt


You also wore glasses 

No, I do not know your name

Please fill my world's patches

I'll never be the same


Hey there, mystical stranger

Who wore a shirt with spider

You filled my tiresome world with mystery

I wish someday there will be you and me


I hope someday we'll see each other

I wish one day we'll be together

I'll sleep now thinking of you

Pretending you like me too

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Hey, Jane


Hey, Jane, you taught we never need a cross

To get to heaven or to go across

We sing Taylor's old country tunes

Yet you also like '22'


Oh, Jane, I like the fact that you don't judge

Even though I've gone way too far and much

But what I like about you the most is

How you make a smile with your tender lips


I remember that post-test walk

A lot of things went to our  talk

About that boy's common game

Know that his name rhymes with shame


I like the fact that you like green

You tell the things that you will feel

I hope you won't love that cheat

'Cause when girls cry, he does feast

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"HEY, JANE" is a poem dedicated for my friend in college.