Left in Disgust

Left in disgust

Today I have realized how pathetic this world is, It sickens me ..
I was going to for my daily coffee at Tim Horton`s ,
there is a guy must be in his 50s or 60s
And He drives a scooter type thing cause he can`t walk he must be 300 pounds he needs a oxygen tank to breathe he worked hard all his life In the woods and as a trucker , I talked to him , bought him a coffee and stuff , His scooter was dying So I plugged it in for him and It is getting cold this time of the year, he had a sweater that I wouldn`t give 2 bucks for and a old thin tiny blanket torn like it was used for years We said our goodbyes and I grabbed me and my mom a coffee and had a smoke then started walking my bike home I was almost past Elm park and I seen him trying to cross the road he scooter had almost died again
And the bone chilling wind blowing and him trying to use his foot to get across and People sitting in there car at the traffic lights and watching him struggling not even trying to help So I went over and helped him and followed him till we got to his house and Helped him get across the road again car wouldn`t think twice to slowing down to let him cross ..
After that when I was walking home I realized not only this world is pathetic but disgusting and evil
Well people will soon know me Cause by the looks of it , I`m the only one around this town to help
I live to help people,
I will always live to help people
Just letting at least one person in this fucked up world ,
That there is still , Someone to lend a hand .

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