On his 50th anniversary they were asked this question:

What has made your marriage so enjoyable and strong

In this day and age…when many marriages fall apart…

How is it you’ve stayed together for so long?


They paused for but a moment 

then the same thought entered their heads.

“I believe what has kept us together so long

has to do with dreams” he said.


“I had a dream about where my life would go

and what I was going to do

and I’m sure before I knew her

my wife had her dream too.”


“But the secret to our marriage”, she continued

“something we both long ago realized

was not only that our two dreams came together


but how they harmonized.”

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As we walk upon the Earth 

under the sky 

among the trees

as we listen to the animals

or the waves upon the seas


As she awakens in the early morning 

or in the evening when she’s sleeping

there is so much about nature we do not know

so many secrets she is keeping.


She understands about balance

about beauty

about grace…

How everything in this world has value

has a place.


She truly understand what it means to be alive

and how only by working together will we continue to survive…


I only hope as we walk upon this Earth 

under the sky 

among the trees

as we listen to the animals

or the waves upon the seas 


she will one day share her secrets with us

and we, with great acclaim…

will smile with the knowledge


our world will never be the same

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A morning stroll along the beach, just the two of us, walking hand in hand

when I found myself enchanted by all the footprints in the sand.


Oh it was beautiful how the sun met the water and the water met the land

but I couldn’t help but wonder about all those footprints in the sand.


They came in all shapes and sizes…they were everywhere I scanned…

an endless overlap of footprints…blended together in the sand


I had no way of ever knowing…who made these footprints in the sand.

If they were made by someone young or old…by a woman or a man.


What was their religion?  Were they from here or some other land?

These I could not ascertain from their footprints in the sand.


And I wondered if all we had to judge people by were their footprints in the sand

perhaps there’d be no prejudices…no one would be ridiculed or banned.


And the world could live in harmony…like the footprints I saw today


before tomorrow’s tide comes rushing in and washes them away…

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