Her sorrow at her loss was overwhelming….

It wold not leave her side

So she sought the wisdom of an old friend

In whom she could confide….


“Today your forest is dark.” Her friend said.

“For darkness is what sorrow brings.

All the trees are bent in sadness.

All the birds have broken wings.”


“You cannot force your happiness to return.” she said

Your heart…cannot be deceived.

You must allow yourself this sadness

You need this time to grieve.”


“But when will my sorrow end?” She asked

I’ve been sad for much too long….”

Her friend smiled…

There is no right way to deal with sadness

just as there is no wrong.”


Your sadness will always be there

some days it lies dormant…other days it churns

but slowly when you least expect it…

happiness will return…


The day you smile in spite of your tears

is the day your happiness will again be revealed….

The day you can tell your story and no longer cry…

It is the day you know you’ve healed.”

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