greek myths

façade of pain

Hyacinth garden

taste is central to beautiful
an androgynous surrender
the good will have to find a new ornate home
doctrine of restraint

a series of antiquated manacles
to prepare a place for a sleep
know the night will wail
descend the earth

end the daylight
spew the red-hot iron-core on your tethered slave
this torture is so sweet
captors color the body

the color of rendezvous
coil of fieriness
eruptions vandalized
stuff the cracks

there's nothing to be done
we must go underground
then lie down
lie down

and sleep
then did Hades prevail
and Demeter wept
her tears fell upon Persephone's face

flower of Demeter
crimson poppy
no sense of space
roused by the intrinsic

tactile stimulus of acute delirium
Morpheus night's dream
going against accepted tradition
virtue and vice

pursuit of desire
the purposes of good and evil
Life, being the only true ruler of man

there would be no evil if there was no good
 the pyramid and the prejudices

reason as dominating
within class systems
the corruption of religions
is suffering

pleasurable in sublimation
and delayed gratification
except in the afterlife
to pleasure death and a free will remain

because righteousness is always a façade of pain

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revisited and revised

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