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No one wants me;

as human garbage

I have no value,


Nothing but Worthless trash,

better to just 

throw me onto the pile

and prepare me for incineration








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We are plastic
We are robotic
We are phsycotically
Into the phsycotic

We crush the living

And resurrect the dead
We corrupt your brains
And manifest in your heads

We expose you to
The new generation
And isolate you from
Peaceful meditation

We tear apart you dignity
'Till it's nothing but shreds
We tell you to speak your words
But everything goes unsaid

We open your eyes
Or so we say
We brighten your life
But ruin your day

So turn and focus
All your luck
This is your life
And we don't give a fuck

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written in my Science class while my teacher was on about something I will never find useful.