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A real short story

Not a typical night, so clear I see the sky, no moon

Bifocal vision a double, a breeze the wind is aloof

Rolling flows of air surround, never bounds

Tunes of no regret forever and never forget

Is it true or is it foggy, clouds are ample, dew is thick

Cloudy vision is a matter of a trick

City lights, smog; pollution, a mental delusion

Exhale, relax, think; feel the air the clouds the brick

Fields of green in night attire, light projecting with desire

Stars are doubled am I dreaming? They are gleaming, I am screaming!

Leave relax and don't forget what I saw with no regret :


no moon in the sky, and the night passing by.

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Recipe of a song

Add some rhythms and tunes
Which are as divine as the stars and the moon

Write the emotional words of the lyrics
Which makes you go in hysterics

Add thumps of tabla , strings of guitar and beats of drums
All the instruments say thump , tring and bum bum

Mix some background singers with the main singer
Who sings OLE- OLA to LA LA LA with some ringtone ringers

To move along the music add raps
And sway your hips occasionally with taps

To create a song altogether do some edits
And don't forget to give me and your loved ones some credits 

Now the song is formed
Come on with me and sing along

You owe me , don't get me wrong
Because I taught you the recipe of a song . 


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