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Roads are Never Alone!

Roads never feel lonely,

Since they sense,

The tires continually,

And the footsteps of the commoners.


Even long after the foxes,

Have gone to sleep,

The roads feel some confused snakes,

Trying to cross and reach the forest deep.


When there is none but the dead silence,

The friends the roads get are the tiny ants!


Like a child we always were,

We went through the underworld,

Misty clouds right before us,

Before we could even ask,

We fell right through to the arc.


Hand in hand we got right up,

But as such you threw me out,

Sorry I was but not now,

For I knew you want me drown,

But it won't just stop right there.


My heart, my mind, my feelings,

Every bit all exploded,

Into a trillion pieces,

And vanished into thin air,

Goodbye my friend, farewell.

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My dream came true.

Dreams may come true...they may not,
my dream started in May and ended...not yet,
I fell in "puppy" love 7 years ago to a man,
and today I hold his heart and love him grand.

We danced together to the Hamster dance,
and ran up and down hand in hand to Virginia reel,
only knowing were strangers to each other,
he'll never know how happy he made me feel.

When t'was time to go home and say good bye,
I regret never hugging him and it made me cry,
crying long and holding on, to the hymn,
to every memory I cherish and love about him.

He adds me as a friend on Facebook,
didn't take long for him to look,
thought I was annoying and a crazy girl,
but back at camp he loved to spin and twirl me.

7 years later we love and we care for each other,
we meet once again and hugs me tight and strong,
with radiant blue eyes and a remarkable smile,
with every thing I done much poorly wrong,
we're always gonna be together, our love is strong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Me and my friend.

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