#freshair #nowordflow




forcing words

when they don’t

want to come

Indian festival

not much interest

drink beer

in an old Speakeasy

over century old

open during prohibition

the beer is wheat

dunkel weizen

made in Pennsylvania

and I think

of love

since I don’t got it

and I think

of sex

since I ain’t getting it

the beer is good

banana-ish flavor

a joint would be wonderful

but I didn’t say that

since it’s illegal

and I wouldn’t ever

condone anything illegal

but the words

are stifled

by the dim light

and the thick air

of the room;

a gymnast on TV

executes moves

and I get pulled muscles

just from watching

now the beer

is a painkiller

sedates like opium

and I sit still

my groin hurts

and I need to piss

not a good combo

this is all around

not a good scene

no word flow

& physical pain

to boot

let me move along

now and see

if it’ll work

polish off a beer

and leave a nice tip

let me get out

in fresh air again

in fresh Philly air again



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