Young Daze

I’m sending you a package,
specially wrapped in bubble-wrap
In bold red letters across
the words read; FRAGILE

I’m extending an invitation, to you
in this brown papered box,
specially wrapped in bubble-wrap,
in the corner –there’s my heart

Shattered to pieces before,
from the last delivery that failed
dropped and broke into a million pieces
from he who couldn’t prevail

I’m extending this invite to you
may you treat it with tender care,
knowing it’s been damaged before
from the last who couldn’t bear

Patiently I wait,
in hopes your love is kind
and that you humbly accept this offer,
instead like he, who proudly declined

Here I stand before you,
with an offering that was always yours
will you take and lead me by the hand,
or leave me standing at your door?


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