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Acca Banker Review

Acca Banker – Discover how you can turn £10 bets into a £8,051 profit in the 8 weeks!
Acca Banker

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It’s about a guy called Dan who’s made over £8k so far this season.

He’s done it starting with just £10 stakes too.

Thats over averaging over £4,000 per month.

You can see how he’s doing it on the website below:

Read what he says:

My name it Dan Robbinson and for the last couple of years I’ve been making steady profits placing highly profitable acca’s with selections from the Premier League to the National League and including bets on international weeks too. They can include wins, draws, over/under goals and a full range of outcomes.

Last year I made over £87,000 starting from just a small £300 betting bank.

This season I started again with £300 and have increased that to £8,051 so far after only 8 weeks… This means we’re on target to smash well over £100k over the season.

Now I don’t bet using level stakes… This is a MASSIVE rookie mistake.

I place bets using roughly 3% of my betting bank and round up or down to the nearest £10.

This means with a £300 betting bank our first bets are £10 each.

Each weekend I place anywhere from two to four acca’s.

So far this season we’ve had 7 profitable weeks out of 8.

As the betting bank grows our stakes grow as we still stake 3% of the bank.

OK, the easiest way for you to see how this works is to show you step-by-step week-by-week.

So I started with a betting bank of £300. You can start with more or less but I like £300 as it means starting with £10 stakes.

This really is a completely RISK FREE opportunity.

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