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Football Lay Tips Review

Discover How To Make £8000 Over The Course Of The Next Few Months From Football Betting!
Acca Banker

Jonathan Fox runs a football betting service called Football Lay Tips.

His service has been running for more than a year. In that time, he has managed to make £7168 using £20 stakes since the beginning of last season.

Read what he says:

My name is Jonathan Fox and I am a professional sports bettor. I make a full time income on sports betting (Primarily football), and have been doing so since 2012. In a few minutes time, you will find out one of the methods that I use to earn my fortune – which gives me the security to buy anything I need, take numerous luxurious holidays each year, and pretty much have far more free time than the average guy on the street.

Fellow Punter,

Over the next 5 minutes of your life, make yourself a cup of coffee (or grab a beer depending on the time you read this letter), sit back, relax and read what I have to say. This short letter is for you. If you want to learn a simple way that you can earn a consistent income from football, then you’ve come to the right place.

And remember: What I’m sharing will finally allow you to make real money and give you the lifestyle you have always wanted & deserve.

Over the last few years, I have worked with a small, elite group of friends, teaching them how to make consistent profit from Betfair (or any bookmaker), while making many of them very wealthy. I’ve seen the result of this system in action and I know that it works.

When it comes to sports betting, you may think you’ve seen and heard it all before…

So, what is this all about?

I am heavily involved in football betting. I use a range of statistical web sites, form guides and as much information as I can get my hand on. This allows me to make extremely well-informed decisions on what bets to place. My laying system is one of the most profitable on the internet and I know this based on my own Betfair account!

Acca Banker



Let me tell you everything.

Since the start of last season, betting on 6 different leagues (Premier League, Championship, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga), I’ve placed a total of OVER 700 bets.

Now – that’s quite a lot – 700+ bets equates to an average of over 2 bets per day.

Using £20 stakes, you’d have made £7168.20 (tax free profit) since the beginning of last season.
Using £50 stakes, you’d have made £18,068.20 (tax free profit) since the beginning of last season.

You can start with much smaller stakes and build your way up.

Even stakes as low as £2 is more than fine!

This really is a completely RISK FREE opportunity.

What are you waiting for?

Sign Up and Start your winning with Football Lay Tips service TODAY!


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Acca Banker Review

Acca Banker – Discover how you can turn £10 bets into a £8,051 profit in the 8 weeks!
Acca Banker

Are you finally ready to beat the bookies and follow proven selections to huge profits?

Want to copy a professional betting method that scales your account balance?

Now at last… you can.

Now you can gain full unrestricted access to the hottest betting club online with profits 7 out of 8 weekends.

It’s about a guy called Dan who’s made over £8k so far this season.

He’s done it starting with just £10 stakes too.

Thats over averaging over £4,000 per month.

You can see how he’s doing it on the website below:

Read what he says:

My name it Dan Robbinson and for the last couple of years I’ve been making steady profits placing highly profitable acca’s with selections from the Premier League to the National League and including bets on international weeks too. They can include wins, draws, over/under goals and a full range of outcomes.

Last year I made over £87,000 starting from just a small £300 betting bank.

This season I started again with £300 and have increased that to £8,051 so far after only 8 weeks… This means we’re on target to smash well over £100k over the season.

Now I don’t bet using level stakes… This is a MASSIVE rookie mistake.

I place bets using roughly 3% of my betting bank and round up or down to the nearest £10.

This means with a £300 betting bank our first bets are £10 each.

Each weekend I place anywhere from two to four acca’s.

So far this season we’ve had 7 profitable weeks out of 8.

As the betting bank grows our stakes grow as we still stake 3% of the bank.

OK, the easiest way for you to see how this works is to show you step-by-step week-by-week.

So I started with a betting bank of £300. You can start with more or less but I like £300 as it means starting with £10 stakes.

This really is a completely RISK FREE opportunity.

What are you waiting for?

Sign Up and Start your winning with Acca Banker service TODAY!

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Mad About Footie Tipster Review

Discover How To Make £4,237.90 Profit To £10 Bets!

Mad About Footie

Looking for a football tipster who will pull in great profits this season?

You’re in luck.

Places are limited to 100 and are almost all gone.

Have you got yours?

If not grab it here now with Mad About Footie.

Liam Brunt has been betting on the Football for over 4 years now.

His worst year STILL pulled in over 300pts profit and last year a nice 423.79pts.

He puts the poor odds on single games backing your favour by taking advantage of the multiple markets available…

He will give you bets on…

Both Teams To Score (BTTS)
Half Time Predictors (HTP)
Accumulators (ACCAs)

Plus much more including the Over/Under goal market.

Using these markets you can quickly increase the profit from the bets you are placing on the football.


FBTA Weekend Bets 2019 STRATEGY

FBTA Weekend Bets service REVIEW

Gold Standard Football Prediction.

WHAT IS FBTA Weekend Bets service?

Not only will send you highly researched tips,
they will educate you into making betting bets yourself.
They offer:
Detailed Summary tables & Stats.
Track every element of each bet.
That means - Track all your bets from FBTA & other Tipsters in one place with this AWESOME Bet Tracker Tool.

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Free Odds Calculator
Build your pot with our high success / low odds bets over the season

FBTA Bet Tracker
Track all your bets and compare tipsters performance

Tipster League Tables
See which tipster is bringing in the money & boot the ones that aren't

FBTA Models base

The cornerstone to FBTA Success
- Over 20 Divisions Modelled.
- UK, Europe, Scandinavia & South America.
- Home Wins, Draws, Away Wins, HT / FT & more.
- Multiple Goal Markets.
- Asian Markets.
- 2 Models running side by side.

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Phil & the Football Betting Master Team provide a selection of highly researched singles every weekend.


You can now get ALL of the above & the FBTA Weekend Bets package for

- £9.99 a month.

- £79.99 for 1 year access.

The Predictor Model

They take their Predictions Seriously.
Its powerful data like this that allows to successful return winning week after winning week.
They are only just entering week 3 of the 2019/20 season and have had a great start .
A 25.05 point profit or at £10 a point, £250.50 banked.



Double Down Draws Review

Discover How To Make OVER £17,000 In ONE Football Season Starting With Small £10 Bets!

Double Down Draws

The Premier League kicked off last weekend and it proved to be a very good weekend for Mark Simpson.

Mark is the man who made over £17,000 profit through the 2018/19 season is taking on members for his Double Down Draws service.

His unique service offers…

– A Low Starting Bank
– Limited Betting
– High Odds
– Big Profits
– and muche more…

Read what he says:

I don’t know how you found your way to my website and I’ll be honest I don’t really care.

But the good news for you is that you did and even if you don’t know a single thing about football or betting, I can show you how you can cash in!

No experience needed.

All you need to be able to do is follow simple instructions and just copy what I do!

It really couldn’t be any easier than that.

Simply COPY MY BETS through the 2019/20 Football Season and bank Over £17,000 by May.

All this starting with small £10 bets too.

Why did I start with small £10 bets?

It’s pretty simple. The start of the season can throw up some odd results, teams under performing, still gelling with the new signings, while other teams are straight on it.

A lower stake to start the season means we’re not undone by any bizzare out of context results and gives us a few weeks to get our eye in.

That said…

The season has started great.

REMEMBER: Only the first 50 people will get access for £1 per week, paid upfront for the full 38 week season.

To a very profitable 2019/20 season.

Join Double Down Draws TODAY!

The Acca Man Review

Use The Most Powerful Bet In Football. The ACCA, And Pull In £100,000+ This Season!

The Acca Man


If you want to make big money QUICKLY…


Then this is for you:


Football Betting Has Never Been As Profitable. Bet With Me This Season And I Will Show You How I Make Regular Profits While Hitting Winners Of £10,000 – £50,000 From A Single Bet.


Dan Short has opened the doors to his The Acca Man service.


His profitable betting service has made an average of £100,000 profit per year.


Read what he says:


They call me The Acca Man. My name is Dan Short. I’ve been betting on the football for years and for me there is only one bet to consider when it comes to football betting.


The Acca


Acca’s offer the most exciting and most profitable approach to Football Betting.


No more low odds
No more tiny returns
No more building up your bank to have a couple of bets wipe out all the profit.


Instead we get rewarded with huge profits when we land a bet.


Pre Season Results


I start the season with the pre-season games, trying to get my eye in.


Out of 9 pre-season Acca’s I hit 2 bets.


Now 2 out of 9 doesn’t seem like great tipping, but look at the odds of the bets when we win…
£672.66 returned from 2 winning bets.


9 Acca’s placed at £20 stakes is £180 outlay.


Profits Of £492.66 From 9 Bets


When the season starts I change my strategy. This is to ensure we pick up more profits on a regular basis without compromising on the big wins we’re ideally looking for.


Its great placing bets looking to win £10,000 – £50,000 from a single stake bet but trust me, I know, these bets don’t come in often.


What usually stops the bets coming in?


The worst result for football bettors… The Draw.


To learn more join The Acca Man TODAY!

Championship Profits Review

Discover How To Make Over£13,785 Profits Betting On Just The Championship. Thats the profit made in the 2018/19 season
Championship Profits

Do you want to make £2,000+ this season to £10 bets?

That’s what Sam Chapman has done so far this season using his betting method…

Forget betting on the Premier League. Get Better Odds betting on the Championship and make more profit from your betting.

Forget betting on the Premier League. Get Better Odds betting on the Championship and make more profit from your betting.

Sam made £35,267 using the Championship  Profit tips over the last 3 season.

Read what he says:

Hi my name is Sam Chapman and this is what I’ve been doing for the last 3 seasons.
2018/19 ended with £13,785 profit
2017/18 ended with £11,560 profit
2016/17 ended with £9,922 profit

This is betting to £50 stakes per bet so I think its important if you don’t bet at those stakes to get a realistic idea of what this can make you over the course of the season.

So if you bet at £10 bets you’d be looking at:

£2,757 last season
£2,312 the season before
and £1,984 the season before that.

That’s what I’ll guarantee you. If you bet with me this season using £10 bets, you will be up £2,000 or more by May next year. If you want to bet more then feel free, the same ratio applies. £50 bets and its a guaranteed £10,000 profit before the end of the season. If not your membership is free and I’ll even give you next seasons tips for free. Thats how confident I am in my selections and win rate.

This offer is valid for the first 100 sign ups only!

Join Championship Profits TODAY!

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10K Football Service Review

Discover How To Make £10,000 This Football Season!

10K Football

What if I told you that you could make £10,000 this football season… and that all you would need to achieve this is a bank of £100.

You’d laugh at me?!

Well, before you do, Well, before you do, read below:

Marc Alexander did it last season and he has PROOF.

He keeps record of every single bet he places so you can see it all for yourself.

Read what he says:

My name is Marc Alexander and If you’re reading this, you’re obviously a punter – exactly like me.
The main reason I’m into sports betting is to earn a second income stream.

For years, I was a losing punter – I’m talking about more than a decade now! The losses weren’t big but I was never really making any profit and sports betting was more a hobby than anything else.

About 5 years ago, I received an e-mail, advertising a service to join a tipster that would allow me to take a bank of £100 and turn it into £5000.

All you need is a bank of £100 (to make £10,000) or a bank of just £50 (to make £5000)!

He’s only taking 50 new members for this season and it starts in 1 week.

Join 10K Football Service TODAY!

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Euro Elite Profits - Best Football Betting Tipster

Over 70% Win Rate! Profit every month with this football betting tipster!

Euro Elite Profits

Are you struggling to turn your football betting into regular profits?

If to let Ryan Janssens help you.

So far this season Ryan and his members have won over 70% of their bets on the football by betting on the Euro Elite.

Profit every single month this season adding up to £2,149.50 profit to level £25 bets.

What you need to know…

Ryan try to bet every day when the fixtures allow.
Though the week there will be 1-2 bets each day.
These will be doubles or treble bets (mostly doubles).
Ryan cover all the top European Leagues.
Weekends will see between 1-4 bets on each day.
Again these will be doubles or treble bets.

Ryan send out the bets the evening before the games, so Tuesday nights bets are send to your email on Monday evening. Saturday’s bets are send out on Friday evening etc.

Ryan recommend using a 20pt starting bank.

Ryan use £25 level stakes and his starting bank is £500.

So far this season in just under 5 months he has made £2,149.50 profit.

Thats a 4 fold increase on his starting bank (429.9%)

You will need a bookie account to enable you to place doubles and treble bets. Any bookie will do that covers the European Football. Ryan personally use Betfair Sportsbook.

Why wait?

Join Euro Elite Profits TODAY!

Click Here To Join Euro Elite Profits NOW!
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