We marched on Mother’s Day to protest children being held in detention centers

In a country we think has gone awry

We marched for children being treated as prisons

We marched to ask the question…Why?


We marched for children who were not welcomed here

Instead…in glorified cages we hide them away

Where they sit confused and sad and lonely

separated from their mothers…on Mother’s Day.


Or any day for that matter…

and it makes my heart go numb

remembering how proud I once was of my country…

and seeing what we’ve become.


Where once a mighty woman with a torch

shone her light for the world to see

we once welcomed anyone into our country

anyone yearning to be free…


As we made our peaceful march

carrying signs pleading for children to be free

I saw mothers with their families in restaurants,

enjoying the park…even climbing in old Banyon trees.


And I couldn’t help thinking about those other children…

the ones our country has hidden away…

In a detention center here in Florida

separated from their mothers…on Mother’s Day.


It’s true that mighty woman is still standing

but now I’m filled with doubt…

for I believe if you look closely

her torch light has gone out.


But I won’t give up on it ever shining again

I won’t surrender…I won’t quit

with a little acceptance and compassion


her light can be relit.