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As women we live a life of starvation

Existing as young girls fearing

The power of our curves, yet fantasizing

About their arrival

A confusing time met with a periodic punishment

Eposidic emotional waves

Phases like the moon, watch us shine

We see the women on the screen, in magazines

Flawless goddesses, wearing that dress we want

Holding that purse we want, rocking those gems we want

Her body is a maze of amazement

That's how we want to be!

Starve yourself - you're just too chunky

Weigh yourself - you're still too heavy

Drop those pounds - lose your boobs, lose your booty

Hear a thousand new comments about that

Binge eat - stack those danishes to get your stacks back


As women we live a life of starvation

Want a boy because you're lonely

Seeing unrealistic expectation from characters on the screen

They make the yo-yo of relationships look so easy

The fast-paced makes sense within the 90 minute timeframe

Feel like you need a man, so you don't become bitter


So, you'll take who comes your way

You'll make excuses for his behavior, because you're hungry

You resent your dad, couldn't care less about your uncles

Thank god, that he didn't curse you with a brother

You have a lot of weight to place on one random guy


He comes with a complex already fully installed

It's a relatively standard feature amongst them all

He's worried about...his wallet padding

His boxer padding, his hair density

His hidden porn collection

Finding the means to buys a sports car...

Or a muscle car...or an over-sized truck

As women we live a life of starvation


He'll promise you the world, but he can't deliver

Because you both want different things

And none of them are even as important as they seem

So you'll fuck over and over until something breaks

And you'll wind right back at the start, with an empty plate

You'll throw yourself into books, into school

Into any type of hobby or sport or art

But the teachers won't even call on you

Or let you finish a question

They'll write you off and scratch you out

Because they can and they get paid, either way

So, you'll throw yourself into work

Clock that overtime, the weekends, the holidays

You'll research your industry on private time

Ask the big questions you don't get paid to ask

You'll get a smaller bonus and less incentives

But, you'll try hard because hard work pays off


As women we live a life of starvation


Starved body

Starved heart

Starved intellect

Starved loins

Starved for coins

Starved for apologies

Starved for repentance

Starved for acceptance


But there are signs saying DO NOT FEED in every direction.








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