A to Z of Good Thinking

A - Appreciate what you already have.

B - Believe in yourself, or no-one else will.

C - Consider all options, wherever possible.

D - Don't be quick to judge. No-one is perfect.

E - Eat healthily to promote holistic well-being.

F - Family and friends are important. Try not no alienate them.

G - Good humour makes for a good atmosphere.

H - Have confidence in your own abilities.

I - Incessant criticism is demeaning. Be constructive where possible.

J - Join forces with like-minded people to achieve greater goals.

K - Kind words can be comforting and healing.

L - Love is an invaluable commodity, worth more than any riches.

M - Make each day count for something.

N - No crime is ever victimless. Someone always has to pay.

O - Open your heart and mind, to let love and knowledge enter.

P - Patience may well be a virtue, but it takes practice.

Q - Question everything. Take nothing for granted.

R - Roll with the punches, and some of life's blows will be minimised.

S - Stop procrastinating. If something needs doing, do it.

T - Take wise counsel when life-changing decisions must be made.

U - Unlimited access to something is not always good.

V - Volunteering can be admirable, but don't take on more than you can handle.

W - Worrying never changed anything. Try not to worry.

X - Xenophobia is never acceptable.

Y - Your actions reveal who and what you are.

Z - Zoom in on what you are good at, and become even better.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2017




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Horse sense: I have classified this as a prose piece, but it could just as easily be labelled a "List Poem."