fallen love ones

~ The Day Before YOU Die ~


I look at you and see your face
a face so tame and full of kindness
I can see that you are so weak
and y
ou really wanted to speak


I keep on watching you...
whenever I’m in your room
'cause I know I’m going to miss you
especially now that your gone



and the day before you die
I feel like writing something, don't know why
I never had a feeling it will be too soon for my tears to fall in my eye
because to all of us you say "goodbye"



after that night that I gave you a poem
and I’m heading to my Station
I pray to God that He will do what's best for you
and what's God's decision, I’m dying to know



I fell asleep so late
I keep thinking the status of your health
I keep on wishing that you’re going to wait
Because for the last time I want to be by your side
Because don't want to arrive there that you already died


 we know that you already feel so tired...

I don't want you to hear that I’m crying
I tried to keep what I’m feeling
but I just noticed that I’m shaking
I really need to let my tears on flowing



I love you so, Lola Judith
hope you feel that I really care for you
hope you know that I’m sincere in everything that I do
you're more happy in God's hands,
so I understand that you should go.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written after Lola judith my patient back then died...she's very dear to me...and to her family.

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