I saw El Diablo’s grin

Smelt the sulphur on his breath

He was in ecstasy

The battlefield spoilt him for choice

He never choose me that cold day in June

Greedily he ate up my brothers souls

Not a few hundred yards in front of me

Gone in a fiery holocaust of flames and screams

Hell had spewed from the bowls of the earth

Laughing at me he waved goodbye

I was told how lucky I was

Thirty years have passed

I have traded insults with him

He left me not out of pity

But to further punish me

Waking in a sweat filled nightmare

I scream for him to take me

He wags his finger at me like a lap dog

 “Not yet, Not yet”……

I envy my fallen brothers.



 © Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about my War experince in the Falklands and my PTSD.

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It wasn’t off the coast of Scotland

It was far far away

Crossing the equator

And the bay of Biscay

Down near the South pole

Some people did say

Our lands had been invaded

Someone had to pay


It took us weeks to get there

Sea sickness and sunburn

Battle PT rifle training

A foe we had to learn

We were all in this together

It was time to take our turn

To liberate our people

Battle honours we would earn


We said our prayers on D Day

And took the fight to them

Setting sail as boys 

Quickly we became men

We froze we cried we bled

Mourning our lost brothers

As the  battle raged around us

 We thought about our Mothers


Our sergeant kept us safe

And we went on to win the day

The people clapped and cheered

As we led the enemy away

Proud we did the right thing

“God save the Queen” I heard them say

Setting sail for our homeland

I remember it like yesterday

Those that never came home

Died for your Freedom today


 © Tony McNally

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We were young men back then in 82

Frozen solid and soaked wet through

Outgunned outnumbered but stood solid and true

Prayed to God to see the morning dew

We buried or dead and shed a tear

Cracked a joke and drank some beer

Sailed back home held our family near

Felt immense pride as the whole country cheered

Its now 31 years since we hit the beach

We did our bit but we seldom preach

Remembering  our brothers a poppy for each

The class of 82



 © Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We will remember them.

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Sweet Death,We Taste...


Sweet Death, We Taste...


Come sweet death,

Bringer of the dawn.

Leave me tranquil.....

While innocents, sleep.

Come sweet death,

Harvester, of light.

Show me the path,

Through, the darkest of night.

Come sweet death.....

Your warm, embrace.

Turns to ice, at spiders touch.

While the dying, says it all.

Come sweet death......

Our mission of life, 

Tainted, by the smell,

Of ....


our own blood.


Giajl © Jim Love

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