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Behold the story of the Great God Tzinchi, creator of everything. And so, it emerged, all from his own hands, the earth that was a part of his imagination was now a reality. But something was not right, all the beautiful landscapes could only be appreciated by him, his great creation just stood there, barren. So, he created a kind of his own, that would help him make of this place a utopia.


 Chanti ruled over the sea.


"Let them swim, never let the oceans appear grim!" and graceful creatures that could glide through the oceans came to be.


 Wakandi became the godess of land.


“Walk, run and climb, all of you mammals and mankind!” and so land creatures were created.


Makonda was turned ruler of the air. 


"Spread your wings and fly, for no place is too high!" Then volant animals emerged.


So Tzinchi was delighted, their sons had completely surpassed his expectations. Tzinchi, being the wisest there is, knew that to maintain peace one rule had to be set. None of the creations of the gods could invade the other gods territories. The three brothers agreed, and an era of enlightenment started. All creatures coexisted like their gods. So Tzinchi disappeared, knowing his mission of creating the perfect planet had been achieved. Plus, he now had three sons taking care of things. Hundreds of Millenia passed, nothing went wrong, Tzinchi was still absent. In fact, he was absent for too long. The brothers all began to feel that someone should take his place on earth. That someone had to be the highest. So, all three of them started having these thoughts, they started scheming against each other. Something started happening on earth, everything just felt different. Something was arising from deep under, all those secret feelings the brothers had created evil. All the negative energy formed something that could be stopped. Evil talked to the birds and convinced them fish were so delicious that words couldn’t even begin to describe them. At the same time, he convinced frogs that life on land was way better. Also, he thought man to fish and hunt. So, it began, marine animals crossed over to land, birds where now descending to the oceans to prey on fish, humans started feeling like they owned everything. All this confounding led to the gods to blame each other and a war for power began. What was a peaceful utopia turned to utter chaos. Evil kept growing as tensions grew bigger. At this point Tzinchi returned to find this mess. What he feared most, the reason he set that one rule, was now a reality. Evil was too strong, there was only one way out. So, with tears in his eyes, he was forced to destroy what he loved most. Everything, evil, earth, his own sons.

Adriana Lucía & Ivan Quintanilla 

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