Oh my God! We’re on the brink of war…what are we to do?

Have you ever watched a hummingbird sip the morning dew?


People killing one another…hate is everywhere!

Have you ever watched the sun rise in the cool, crisp mountain air?


These people are afraid of those people…they want build a wall!

Have you ever stopped and marveled…at the colors of the fall?


Countries do not talk anymore…all they want to do is fight!

Have you ever noticed how the ocean shimmers…and sparkles in the night?


Earth was existing long before us…and this fact is perfectly clear…

When we humans have destroyed ourselves…Earth will still be here.


I hope the next species who inhabit Earth…the next ones who populate her shores

Will find it in their hearts and souls to try a little more…


To live in peace and harmony and somehow find a way


To relish in the beauty…she offers every day.

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We visited an elephant sanctuary and once again I can affirm

of all the animals out there…my favorite is the pachyderm.


Specifically the elephant…at least as long as they exist…

because, since 1989, they’ve been on the endangered species list.


But this story is about a little girl…she was only three years old

but what she did at the sanctuary…was amazing to behold.


She entertained those of us in the crowd…to our collective jubilation

as she toddled around and bellowed out her best elephant imitation. 


What made it more amusing…coming from someone so young and small

is that the sounds coming out of her little mouth didn’t sound like an elephant at all.


Those of us who heard her thought…that’s not an elephant song!

Those of us who thought we knew…could not have been more wrong!


For the elephant also heard the little girl and immediately commenced

In walking over to her and inserting his trunk straight through the fence.


They stood there separated but together and it gave our hearts a whirl

to see how they communicated…the elephant and the girl.


And I thought for a wonderful moment how the elephant and the girl were linked…


Burt how when girl grows up to be big and strong…the elephant will be extinct.

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