Empty feeling


I want to stop thinking
I want to just lay there
I want to be numb
I want to be cold
I want to never see the light
I want to be in the dark forever
I want to be still
I want to stop feeling
I want to be emptied
I want to be hollow
I want to stop breathing
I want to die

The Emptiness In Me

Faith Angel

This one is a normal day
I went to work feeling giddy
Everything went on smoothly
But why do I feel this way?
Something is amiss today
I can’t exactly say.

I went home in the flow of traffic
There’s a twang of panic
The day is soon to end
Yet I feel so incomplete
I made an inventory in my mind
Everyone is safe and sound.

The hollow inside me
Empty and waiting to be filled
A space solely reserved
Still remains un-occupied
It’s a part of my heart
Where you should reside

The emptiness that I feel
It is only you who can fill
Yet it will forever remain as is
For no matter how I wished
You will never mine to cherish
Coz you were in heaven taking a rest.

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