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Emotional Suicide

As I sit here pondering on the pain

From my mental strain

On how much can I take till I lose my sane

cause this brown water make up for these grey nights

while my body stay grounded but my mind take flight

emotional suicide as I take more shots to the head

till my eyes bloodshot red and I’m immune to these thoughts of us

Anything but sobering up and coming to terms that there’s no more of us

it went from “baby I love you it gotta be fate” to “babe I think we need to take break”

and it hurts how much I’m stressing you

or do I even dare the thought of some next nigga sexing you

but I’m done thinking what if cause right now it’s what is


cause what was is no more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tell me what you think good/bad it was a freewrite type of poem so be easy with the structure of it lml