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I am fine

"I always say I'm fine "


I've had this mask on 

Too long

I don't even recognize me 

Been listening to the moving crowd 

Who drown the voice inside me. 

And when we finally break down

It isn't out of weakness 

Just tired of fighting 

The war inside 

And the disappointment beneath us


We always say we are fine 

We always say we are fine


I always say i'm okay and

I never really mean it

But the world's so blind

They honestly believe it


I always say I'm fine 


They tell you to push 

The hurt right out of your mind

But the pain left on the heart

Is a stain of another kind. 

Cause we made that promise once

If we cannot be together

I would hold you in my heart 

Where you could stay forever

And we will search for each other

Inside of everyone we meet

Filled with a terrible promise

we pretend doesn't hurt to keep


I always say I'm fine

I always say I'm fine 

I always say I'm fine 


I don't know any other 

Way to be

If i showed you all the darkest voices

That live inside of me

Could you honestly tell me you aren't surprised? 


I always say I'm fine 

I always say I'm fine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I trusted someone. 

I should not have

I should know better