#easterm #holiday


In a world that’s fraught with peril…when it’s sometimes hard to cope

Easter is here to remind is…there’s always room for hope.


We hope for a better world than this…and though we may be disheartened by what you see

It is our hope and not our unhappiness that shapes our destiny.


Hope is believing there is light in the midst of darkness…

with hope in my heart is how I run…

and though I may be disappointed with today…

hope rises tomorrow with the sun.


For the beauty in the future is the hope tomorrow brings…

I hope each year for the colors of Fall…that Summer follows Spring


I hope we all can realize..we have one home and Earth is what she’s named

I hope we’ll somehow find the courage to treat everyone the same.


I hope for a world of peace and love…where everyone is free

living their lives together…in friendship and harmony.


Living so that when each one of is gone..

we’ll be remembered affectionately

having left behind a sigh, a smile…

and a happy memory.


Yes, Easter is a time for optimism…a time to dream, not time to mope…


A time for love, a time for expectation…a time for all of us to hope.

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