destiny vs. fate

fate deviant




In the end,

you will swear

I had ill intent,

but you could not be farther 

from the truth.


It is just how I am,

the world is my dartboard,

and I,

the haggard soul

who sits at the end of the bar

who you would expect to reek

of alcohol and stale tobacco.


but instead,

you just pass by

not even bothering to take a whiff,

disgusted by what you've created of me,

too insecure and empty inside 

to hold a notion of manifesting

something beautiful

through the likes of me,

and yet,

I could give you the world

on a platter.


things are predestined 

because that is how you've made them,

so I aim to please,

as the bets have been placed

and are always in my favor...

you know...?


but in the end you will

say I had ill intent,

that I have no 



and I will smile.










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