#Desire #Fear #Life #Death

Darkned Light

My desire is to hold you 
When I see you, I just cry 
U are so bright - I can't unfold you 
If I touch you, I will die 
You glow inside 
You're not a lie 
Your darkned fire reaches the sky 
Reanimating the forgotten 
You make me pain, that makes me creep 
You've made my soul so misbegotten 
Igniting hate within me deep 
You shine from inside to the surface 
Your murky light destroys my flesh 
I think I'm dying by your purpose 
You're fading out just in a flash 
When you're gone 
I'll gladly follow 
Into the fire, into hell 
I feel how I am getting hollow 
My soul is like a poisoned well 
In these last seconds I feel nothing 
This has been felt just by a few 
The Darkned Light, I hear you laughing 
I don't excist and so don't you ! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this nine years ago

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