#depression #selfhate

Embrace the Hate

Spin around in a circle

I think I'm getting dizzy

this is a broken record

playing on repeat

It's only one song

one verse, one word

it's the anthem to my mistakes

which I'm sure you've heard.

Up all  night writing

this all just keeps repeating

A lash for each mistake

I deserve this mental beating.

It's getting darker in my head

I just want it to go away

wish I could break this recording

that keeps repeating what I say.

I deserve to be treated

like absolute shit

look at my past

God- Karma's a bitch!

I need to move forward

stop replaying this in my head

stop jumping to dramatics

like "it'll be better when I'm dead"

Stop hating my mind

and the trap that I'm in

might as well embrace it-

play that shit again.

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