Dedicate to Phillip


Camelot thet say is perfect, it's a place they call so fine

but I have found my Camelot, in the man that I call mine

for my heart keeps soaring upward, flying higher than the sky

and I know that I will love him, till the very day I die


Tis this place also that's perfect, for it's wild and free and green

it's a gentle breeze that's blowing, on a day calm and serene

It's a place that I'll come bact to, and  I'll miss it when I'm gone

It's the place where Phillip's living, and is now my second home


It's the days if perfect quiet, with the evening fire ablaze

it's the times that we sit talking, at the ending of the day'

It's the time when we are sleeping, with your arms around me tight

it's the times you say,  I Love you, which makes everything alright


Oh, it's Camelot here with you, and it's here that I would be

it's the place that I call home now, and your love for it, I see

It's the place that you hold very dear, this place beneath the sun

and I see the man, his home place and his love, all rolled up into one


They say, home is where the heart is, and it's here with you right here

It's the laughter and the loving, and the things that we hold dear

it's the cauliflower soup that simmers, and the home made whole wheat bread

it's the fishing, the casino's and our tea and toast in bed


It's the hardship and the problems that we've shared along the way

and neither heart ache's or petrayal's dim the love I have for you today

for it's stronger than the granite in the quaries oh so near

so just lean on me for strength and comfort, you will always find me here


Don't let lonliness engulf you, and don't worry, 'bout stupid things that other folks have done

and please never feel  forsaken, for you are my only one

just turn your thought's toward me, for you know you hold my heart

and we'll sleep snuggled close together, even tho we're far apart


Oh I miss you so already, for my life won't be the same

and you know I'll always love you, come the sunshine or the rain

our love's a thing of sacred beauty, and I'll always hold  it dear

it's Camelot called Michigan and you always being near














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