death suicide knife blood



I've lived a life not very long,
It's only about 15 years.
I have done many a wrong,
So fuck more falling tears.
I think this cut will be my last,
It will finally be a slit.
My future is like the past,
I will not throw a fit.
I'll be better off you'll see,
No more cutting anymore.
And you will all forget me,
I'll finally find my light door.
But it wont be the end of a tunnel,
That leads to happy days.
It will be a dark funnel,
Where Satan and fire stays.
But I really don't care,
Hell is better then here.
I'll just give a blank stare,
I will have no fear.
I can expect a living hell,
No need for heartbreak.
I'll just sit and dwell,
Or a need to fake.
I'll expect it to be bad,
So it won't be so random.
I won't be as sad,
It will be in tandem.
Knowing whats coming,
Along with bad stuff.
Known like drumming,
It will be rough.
But I'm done here on Earth,
Good bye to everyone.
You'll see what I'm worth,
Known as just some son.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ummm not much to say but I want to say about this one it was all done in one sitting on the spot these are my feelings as of right now and unlike usual it made them stronger..