As parents we made a promise to our children

the first time we held them in our arms:

To love them unconditionally

To keep them safe from harm…..


But we haven’t kept our promise

to our daughters and our sons…

when we do nothing to stop their being killed

at the hands of someone with a gun….


And so our children now are weeping…

Pleading with us to disrupt this flood

of senseless violence and murder…

and they are crying tears of blood…


We must make a choice now

of what we’re going to do.

If we don’t help them..

if we let them die

then part of us dies too.


We have been failing our children for too long.

At a solution we MUST arrive!

We must do something to keep our promise…

to our children still alive


It’s time to come together…to fulfill that promise

to keep our children free from harm

for we don’t want today to be the last time


we hold them in our arms.

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