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One way in; one way out

I struggle with the hypocrisy of my own religion

Doctrines of love used to hate 

I despise man's notions of the other worldly

Religion is the true beast.

Religion seeks to control, to conform

Man is the only law in religion


Let's speak with our hearts, 

With our humanity

Love and appreciate 

Be happy for each other

Hurt for each other 

Live for each other 

Share the world with all creation,

A world of true peace 

Where we fight our fears, envy and wrath

To a place of enlightenment and creativity

Not useless causes 


But it suits man 

From ancient to modern 

To have dominion,

To willfully discern 

And define the love of existence pouring out 

As a secular right 

But it is in every living thing a miracle of compassion 

So deep and so rare that we are enabled to choose 

To choose between love and hate

To choose between pain and joy 

To choose one life over another

To please or displease creation

But the spirit of good and evil pervades us 

Not one of us is perfect 

All fallen 

But as all true love and compassion

Redeemable in love

In the holy light and comforter

The bringer of peace.


Which are you?

A heart of creation 

Or a mind of destruction?

Love has no logical argument against it 

It has no boundaries

Unlike hate 

Which requires nothing but the evil we allow to pervade our soul closing us in with fear and loathing...

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