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Construction Wins

I dare not go out for fear of detours

which sidewalks are closed today

which streets can I cross

how do I get from here to there

that damn construction and incessant noise

when will it end

I am out of coffee creamer

so I must go out soon to get some

and maybe a few other things while I am there

the caffeine headache sets in

I must venture out for better or worse

this traumatic existence is such a curse

maybe I'll wait til tomorrow

and the next tomorrow

tomorrow never comes you know

procrastination sets in

construction wins

Author's Notes/Comments: 

#WPOM  #NaPoMo #Poetry Prompt 12

write as if you were Charles Bukowski

(I must confess I heard of him but am not familiar with his work so I had to read a few of his poems to get a feel for him...)